Michelle was a calming breeze through our wedding. From the first email, Michelle was quick to get back to us and answer any and all questions we had. We were able to obtain the structured pictures we wanted, but by far our favorite pictures are the ones she captured of all the candid moments throughout the day. Michelle was incredibly attentive, and as a result, she was able to catch some wonderful and natural photos of our guests and wedding party. Michelle was calm and relaxed, helping all around her (including the bride) to feel the same.

~ Caitlin R.

Michelle's attention to details, her ability to work in different light conditions and to capture emotions stood out. Throughout the year leading to our wedding, she was always available to answer questions and truly care about creating a plan/schedule for our big day. On our big day, Michelle was on time, followed the plan we all worked out perfectly and most of all took AMAZING pictures. Our day was perfect and now we have to pictures to remember it forever. We were truly blessed to have her on our team!

~ Marc C.

Michelle is amazing! She came to our wedding not only ready to take stellar pictures but ready to be an integral part of our whole day and our whole experience. Michelle was a great communicator for over a year before our wedding, and she really took the time to get to know me and what I wanted. I know I wasn't an easy bride....emotional, particular, the whole bit. But Michelle never flinched, and she clearly had things under control from the first time we spoke. I honestly didn't realize how important a wedding photographer could be...her patience and persistence in making sure we had the moments she knew I wanted REALLY paid off! Michelle stepped in and fit in easily as she helped to orchestrate my entire day. I am so grateful I found her.

~ Debbie G.

Michelle Frehsee is one of the best I've seen, and as the ex-husband (and occasional assistant) of a New York City wedding photographer, I've seen my share. She's a calming presence with a great eye; her shots—formal and candid—were brilliant and her selections wise. Plus she knows how to fasten a boutonniere!

~ Philip E.

Michelle was simply amazing! Leading up to the wedding, Michelle was very communicative. She helped me find a style of photos that would work well for me. Whenever I freaked out about how to get photos done (because my groom didn't want to do a first look) she was able to talk me down and talk through how we would have the time to get all the photos we wanted. When she arrived in my room the day of the wedding, everything was crazy. Through all the chaos she was very professional and very calm. She was able to take charge at the right moments to get my family and bridal party under control to take some beautiful shots. During the rest of the evening, I never noticed Michelle, but she captured every special moment. She was very flexible and easy to work with. Her turnaround period is very short. I can't believe I already have photos from my wedding! They are perfect!

~ Latima C.

I could not say enough good things about Michelle! She did an amazing job at capturing every special moment of our wedding! She was very good at making sure people were positioned correctly to ensure beautiful photos. It seemed as if she were everywhere at once and always there when you wanted a particular photo taken. Absolutely stunning!

~ Kara H.

Michelle has an excellent eye for storytelling and the details that make your memorable moment that much more special. 

~ Natasha B.

Michelle was absolutely OUTSTANDING. Her photos get to the heart of your day, making you feel as if you are back there again. There were so many good ones we couldn't believe it. She is calm, cool, and collected and we cannot recommend her highly enough. Book her before she's already taken!

~ Chelsea R.

All of our planning was a breeze because Michelle instilled so much confidence in us of her. Our wedding day was beautiful in so many ways, and we are so grateful that Michelle was there to help orchestrate it. But the pictures, THE PICTURES! They are truly amazing, and the book that Michelle had made for us is beyond priceless! Bottom line is that we could not have asked for a better photographer because of what a pleasure it was to work with her, the presence she had at our wedding, and the pictures that she delivered to us.

~ Bill H.

From the first connection right up to date, Michelle has been delightful to work with. Her professionalism and charm make her extraordinary in her field. Her acknowledgment of our likes and preferences made my daughter's wedding photography a total success. The "staged" group shots were fun and not just ordinary, and the candids truly captured the emotion of the day, not only in the bride and groom but all those in attendance. A sensitive, caring, and delightful photographer!

~ Meredith A.

Michelle did a great job of capturing the essence of our ceremony out in the woods. You can tell that she has both a great grasp of both the technical and artistic skills that make for a great wedding photographer, as well as being a breeze to communicate with. We can't recommend her enough!

~ Chris B.

Michelle is an AMAZING photographer! She is so humble, kind, and has such a passion for what she does. From the first time we spoke, I knew we were a match. She looked at my list of must haves and my list of likes and created such amazing photos!! The one thing she kept telling me, and I didn't believe her, was that she wouldn't be seen while taking pictures. I have been to some weddings where the photographer just seems in the way and there all the time. Michelle was not; she has a true grace with what she does, and I have NEVER seen anything like it. She is truly one of a kind and does beautiful work!

~ Meagan G.

Every bride has their priorities of what's an important investment for their wedding; mine was photography! I feel that after your best day ever is over, all you will have left are your pictures, so they better count and capture every moment as if you were there. Michelle did so. She really focuses on finding the happiness and art in every image! She really gets to know you and wants your whole story so she can tell hers through the eyes of her camera. I would absolutely recommend her to any bride and groom who appreciate beautiful portraits, funny action filled candids, and timeless art!

~ Morgan B.