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In 2004 I was slicing an avocado, when my life changed. A slice through my hand severed the nerves on a couple of my fingers and has caused me agonizing pain ever since. For the first 7 years after that, my hand was a fist and I never thought I would be able to use it again. I couldn't hold anything, let alone a camera! Fast forward to 2017 and I am literally flying through the air, hanging onto a trapeze!! We are blessed to have the incredible New England Center for Circus Arts school here in Brattleboro and this fall my 7 year-old daughter, Eliza, and I took flying trapeze lessons together.

It's hard to explain just what this experience means to me. The thrill and sheer terror of jumping off the tiny platform, trusting my body will hold me and that the trapeze (miraculously) does not rub on the part of my hand that can still cause me crippling pain. Then comes the trust in letting go of the trapeze, flying through the air by my body's sheer momentum and trusting that someone (or the net) will catch me. It's one of the most intense sensations I've ever experienced and it brings me such joy and a huge sense of empowerment.

One night before Halloween (hence the costumes), my whole family came to experience what's termed "flight night" where beginners can drop in and try out the flying trapeze. My husband Robin even rocked it, fresh from work in his Carhartts, while our 20 month-old watched with Grandpa nearby. We don't get out and about as a family much due to work, naps and life, but when we do we can go big!

Eliza dropping, with Papa watching on as he climbs up the ladder for his turn.

Eliza dropping, with Papa watching on as he climbs up the ladder for his turn.

Robin's turn!

Zoe wondering what on earth her family is doing!Zoe wondering what on earth her family is doing!

Zoe wondering what on earth her family is doing!

In December Eliza and I performed together. You can see just how much we inspire each other - it was a Wonder Woman theme all the way (and yes, I made the costumes - more on my seamstress passion in another post)!

My turn to perform!My turn to perform!

My turn to perform!

Eliza has told me that she wants to start taking classes without me and as sad as that request is for me, I am grateful for the time we could be together. Sharing this time with my daughter and seeing her be brave and strong and fearless with a smile on her face (or tongue sticking out) is such an inspiration to me. It forces me to show up for her, to calm the nerves and to jump, trust, let go, repeat.



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Feeling Grateful https://www.frehseephotography.com/blog/2017/11/feeling-grateful The leaves finally fell and the winds have kicked up. Snow has been seen on the ground and it now takes much longer to get out the door (so many layers)! I wanted to take a moment to thank you all before the holiday craze kicks in. I couldn't do this work I love without all of your support. To my clients who are as diverse as the photos I produce of them, to my family who feeds me in every way and provides the purest light in my life, and this beautiful place I call home.

Vermont is many things, but for me it provides a grounding force in beauty, change, simplicity and awe. As we plan for the feast ahead and the gathering of family and friends, I want to give thanks to you all for a wonderful year. Thank you for inspiring me, for hiring me to tell your stories through images (and spreading the word of my work), and for all your positive feedback. I am TRULY blessed beyond measure. Thank you.

I've been so busy this year I don't have a decent family photo that's less than a year old! So even though this was taken last year, I still love it. Stay tuned for more current family photos in the months to come. :-)

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Brattleboro Museum & Art Center Opening https://www.frehseephotography.com/blog/2017/11/brattleboro-art-museum I've been an event photographer for our local art museum, the Brattleboro Museum & Art Center (BMAC) for over a year now and I love it. To be part of art openings and truly unique family-friendly events (Lego exhibit by local kids? Domino toppling in the extreme? Yes, please!) is very awe-inspiring. There is just so much incredible talent and inspiration in southern Vermont it's astounding. For such a small museum, the BMAC holds an impressive number of events throughout the year. From art openings like the one featured below, to the Vermont Scholastic Art & Writing Awards (one of THE most inspiring exhibits & events I've been a part of), the range of photos I get to take is incredible. If you would like to see more of my work, check out the museum's website's link to my galleries. And be sure to visit THIS WEEKEND, November 9-12 to see their annual Lego Contest/Exhibit. Bring the kids: it's fantastic and inspiring.

For now, this was what I got to observe a couple weeks ago. If you've never been to this museum, it's well worth a visit!

I could have stood in this room forever. Can you even guess WHAT she's knitting (Answer in the last photo)?

Answer: Extension cords!! Talk about knitting your power.

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AJ's Proposal https://www.frehseephotography.com/blog/2017/10/ajproposal Vermont is showing off right now. It's as if it's seducing us into this jaw-dropping beauty, forcing us to stare open-mouthed at all the colors one landscape can create. Within a few weeks, the landscape will be devoid of much color and will challenge us to hold on to the memories of them for many months. The light this time of year is astounding, and being able to capture Vermont's beauty through a lens is my way of holding on to these precious moments.

Sometimes I have the good fortune to witness the precursor to all the wedding excitement, like a couple weeks ago when I had the pleasure of capturing AJ & Tasha's engagement at the beautiful Deer Hill Inn in Dover. Enjoy the light and love that a Vermont fall can bring!

The Deer Hill Inn in Dover is a gorgeous setting for such a special occasion.

Will you please?

She said YES!

She said YES!

A special ring for a special lady Tasha bought this claddagh ring when she and AJ were in Ireland last year. It's worn in different directions and on either hand depending on your marital status. Once engaged, the ring was transferred from the right to the left hand with the heart facing out. Once they marry, the heart will face in.

Enjoying each moment

These special moments just got a whole lot sweeter!

Congratulations, AJ & Tasha! May this be the start of many special moments together.

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Holiday Cards https://www.frehseephotography.com/blog/2017/10/holiday-cards The warmth of this fall has been so deceiving. How is November all of a sudden around the corner? Don't get me wrong, I LOVE this weather and will hold on to warmth and sun as long as possible, but it's confusing. I feel like I need soup, yet my body screams for a lovely cool salad!?? I'm shooting fall portraits of people in t-shirts and sandals, so I realize I need to remind my loyal clients that it's holiday card season! Many of you may not realize that I offer a full-service portrait session that includes creating gorgeous holiday cards for you and your family. And because November is around the corner, NOW is the time to book.

Please contact me if you are interested in reserving your portrait session now and whether you would like me to create your beautiful holiday cards as well, using high-quality stock and beautiful colors. The turnaround is fast and the quality is excellent! Contact me to learn more and book your session.

In the meantime, enjoy these shots of Janaki, Jake and sweet little Ezra. Considering Ezra wasn't feeling well, I think he still looks adorable! There is nothing more exciting than watching little people learn to stand and move. Let me know what you think.



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Ragan and Chris https://www.frehseephotography.com/blog/2017/10/ragan-and-chris One of the reasons I love Vermont so much is that everyone is connected in some way. Ragan, Chris and their daughter live in my small town community where we see each other at local events, so naturally I was honored to be able to photograph their sweet wedding in the woods behind their home. The ceremony included only immediate family and was lovely - just perfect for them.

Whenever I shoot a wedding, I look to capture moments - both the expected and unexpected. Sometimes a simple moment of someone (even a little someone) watching life unfold can become a glorious moment with the right light, angle or composition. May you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed creating them.

This is their daughter (only a few months apart from mine), who almost upstaged her Mama Bride. Can you believe the red shoes? The sweet curl of her hair?

Escorting Papa up the "aisle"

Waiting for Mama

Ragan was escorted by her sister, Whitney, and couldn't stop smiling the whole way

Clearly captivated by the ceremony.

Sometimes small is just perfect.

The newly married family.

Everyone looked their best that day - no exceptions!

Congratulations, Ragan and Chris! Thank you for inviting me to be a part of your very special day.

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