The work I do is my life’s dream, to be the visual storyteller of the most cherished occasion of your life. As a bride or groom, you invest everything in your celebration, only to see it all fade away by the next day. I am passionate about securing those beautiful memories for you in images that illuminate the joy of the moment and bring back every precious detail for years to come.

Photographing a wedding is an incredibly intimate experience. I am with you at every moment, everywhere, yet practically unseen. Starting months before your wedding, I guide you through the process from beginning to end. By the time your wedding day arrives, I appreciate your vision, recognize the people and details that matter most to you, and bring practical experience to help quietly smooth out behind-the-scenes wrinkles. We develop a trusting relationship so that you are completely comfortable with me being an invisible but essential cornerstone of your special day.

One of my favorite challenges is lighting. No matter what the lighting situation, I am skilled at bringing out the best in every scenario. Clouds? Shadows? Sunset? No problem at all! Indoors or outdoors, I make the most of available natural light while using flash liberally and expertly to get beautiful, crisp images. When dusk settles in after the sun goes down, I pull out my tripod and capture those glowy, ethereal images even as the lighting changes around us.

With an intuitive style honed at countless weddings, I know when and where to capture the intimate, real moments that you will most want to treasure. I catch both the quiet stillness before things get underway and the vivid excitement once the celebration begins. When the moment calls for it, I’m quick on my feet and not afraid to get dirty, climb things, and have fun. I am with you every step of the way, devoted to helping you preserve the priceless story of your magnificent day.